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Decorative Floor Vents & Grilles

Here at Airflex Industrial we believe in providing top notch products and services to our customers. Our custom pattern grilles combine the latest manufacturing technology with the best of old-world craftsmanship, and utilize advanced water jet technology that makes irregular shapes and contours in custom pattern grilles a cinch. One of the popular items we are known for is our decorative floor grilles. Our floor grilles come in a wide selection of design alternatives, and are available in custom designs as well. Every standard or custom floor grille is designed to precision specifications and created with quality materials. We produce individually manufactured and hand finished floor grilles, louvers and registers for HVAC systems for new construction and restoration. These heating system outlets are generously detailed and proportioned for appearance and durability and cast in steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, or aluminum. Available in a variety of styles, decorative floor grilles are another way we can enhance the beauty of your home. Choose from our quality materials and finishes to suit your needs. Created in aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and steel with finishes such as mirror polish, satin, statuary bronze, baked enamel colors and anodized finishes, decorative floor grilles are a quality home accent.

Floor grilles are available in thickness ranging from 1/16 in to 1/2 in, and fabricated from heavy duty materials. Designed to support and endure heavy floor traffic, Airflex heavy duty floor grilles are built to stand the test of time and stress. Contact us to learn how they can suit your home or business. Also find out more about our free standing radiator grilles and ornamental grilles.

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PG Brick

PG Diamond

PG Half-Shell

Brick Floor Grille

Diamond Floor Grille

Half-Shell Floor Grille

PG Maltese

PG Shell

PG Bullet

Maltese Floor Grille

Shell Floor Grille

Bullet Floor Grille

PG Egyptian

PG Honeycomb

PG Parquet

Egyptian Floor Grille

Honeycomb Floor Grille

Parquet Floor Grille

PG Square Link

PG Clover

PG Grecian

Square Link Floor Grille

Clover Floor Grille

Grecian Floor Grille

PG Lattice

PG School Slot

PG Circle Link

Lattice Floor Grille

School Slot Floor Grille

Circle Link Floor Grille

PG Poseidon

PG Q-Brick

PG Fractal

Poseidon Floor Grille

Q-Brick Floor Grille

Fractal Floor Grille

PG Regal

PG Staggered Star

Regal Floor Grille

Staggered Star Floor Grille